Pastor-to-Pastor Annual Picnic!

L to R: Melany Jackson, Don Follis, Coach Matt Bollant

On Tuesday evening, Melany Jackson (L) and Illini women’s basketball coach Matt Bollant (R) greeted & welcomed 90 guests at our annual Pastor-to-Pastor Initiatives picnic at the NE Urbana home of Brad and Kim Houk, great friends to Jennifer and me, and to our ministry…

It was an exciting, confidence boosting evening as guests got an update on our ministry to pastors and leaders from me and then heard from Troy Collier from the local chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Gabe Thaman, a young nursing student who I have mentored, Anthony Cobb, city of Champaign Chief of Police, Ricky Spindler, Teaching and Discipleship Pastor at Stone Creek Church in Urbana and from Coach Bollant. 

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