You are loved fully, completely, infinitely by your Creator!

My heart sank yesterday when I as at a mall and saw a young woman, who appeared to be the mother, curse two children with her (one about 4, the other about 2).  The woman looked to be about 20 years old.  Just as I was walking by the bench where they were sitting, the woman looked up front her SmartPhone, snapped her head toward toward the children who were fussing and yelled, “Shut the F*** up.  Do you understand me?  Shut up NOW, or we’re leaving!”


But even more incredulous, the two little kids seemed hardly phased.  They went on picking on each other and the woman went back to her SmartPhone.

That shocked my sensibilities.  But then two thoughts popped into my mind:

* Those little babies need love more than cursing.  … A hundred, a thousand times more.  And yes, so does the young woman with them.  Who knows what she’s been through? I could only imagine.

* That thought was followed by this one: No one — ever — is beyond God’s love.  Those two little guys, and the woman yelling at them — and I, and you  — are loved right here, right now, by their Creator.  They are  loved perfectly, fully, infinitely.

That’s right, friends.  Today, the day the Lord has made … You are not beyond love.  No one ever is!

And that leads us to pray for others, and for ourselves:

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.  Lord have mercy…

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