Agreeing to walk together…

Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” … Amos 3:3

Pastor-coach Kirk Kirlin strongly believes that the key to leadership is followership.  That is, you cannot really lead anyone who is not willing to be led by you nor where they are not willing to go.  Do I agree with Kirlin?  100 percent! 

I like this graphic Kirlin uses. Let’s say your vision is in the red.  Mine is in the yellow. The orange in the middle is where our vision overlaps.  The simple idea is that we effectively can partner and work together when your and my vision overlaps. That’s the part we have to figure out, with God’s help, if we are ever going to move ahead. And what does that take?  A wisdom, humility and tenacity beyond what any of us, in our own strength, has!  Thus we always are praying, “God please show me where the two of us can work together.”  When we get the figured out, with God’s help, we usually can very happily play together … rejoicing where our visions coincide.

The Holy Spirit has made each person in the community of faith with such distinct, powerful, influential gifts.  Let’s harness those gifts, figure out where our visions overlap and work together to let God rein in our congregations, pushing back the kingdom of darkness and inviting people into the kingdom of light, of whom Jesus is Lord and Savior.

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