Tell me more…

Just 3 words … “Tell me more” .. but very powerful.

Often when I’m listening to pastors and leaders they suddenly say something that makes me realize, “Whoa… Now that’s the real issue.”

And so I respond, “Hmmm.  Tell me more.”

When I do this, the person might say something to this effect, “No one ever asked me about that.”

I’ve “caught” the person by surprise and invited him to share his beliefs and assumptions he never may have addressed before.

Usually I then add two more words to start the faucet flowing:  “Would you tell me more?”

And normally off  the person goes, sharing with me a fascinating and crucial part of his story.

At the conclusion of the “tell me more” exchange, I say, “Thank you so much for sharing that with me.  I feel very honored that you would tell me such an an important part of your story.”

The next questions roll right off my tongue: “Given all that, what do you want to do next?  What are your top two options?”

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