Are you stuck? … Well, give thanks!

I talk with lots of people who feel stuck.  Here’s the direction I try to go when someone says, “I’m stuck and I just don’t know what to do…”

1.Spend less time asking “Why?” and more time asking yourself “What now?”
2.Be grateful for the emotional support others give you.  You need those people on your team.  Thank them.
3.Explain your situation to me, but please don’t whine about it. (Learned that one from my dad who had an incredible work ethic.  “Pull your weight, son.  Be glad you have meaningful work to do today.” And who also said, “Can you help me understand how your whining is helping you solve this problem?”)
4.Change what you can and accept what you can’t. (Yep, the wonderful Serenity Prayer.)
5.Remember that there is no guarantee of fairness in this life.
6.When you find yourself completely self-absorbed, turn your attention to others.  Help someone else with her challenges.
7. Always, always, always be grateful.  You may have experienced some kind of loss.  But what do you still have? In counseling a pastor just the other day I said, “Make me a list of 25 things for which you are unbelievably grateful. I’ll give you 2 minutes.”

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