Practice patting human birds this summer…

This Peanuts comic strip ran in the paper today…  Cartoonist Charles Schulz introduced Linus van Pelt as a person who liked to pat, and thus comfort, birds way back in a 1962 comic strip. 

Lucy, Linus’ older sister, can’t believe her brother likes to pat birds. 

But, as you can see, the birds love being patted. 

I talk with human birds every day … my wife, my family members, the pastors and Christian leaders who see me for counseling and mentoring. 

Here are ten positive emotions I consistently see that all human “birds” need …











Now, you know your sphere of influence.  You know the little birds in your life that need some patting, some genuine TLC.

I see over and over again that when I minister positive emotions to others, I actually allow the fruit of the Spirit to ripen in their lives.

So find some people that need your patting this summer.  This is not rocket science.  Practice rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.  Look for ways to minister positive emotions to those in your circle of life. 

You give the little human birds in your life the care they deserve and you might just discover what I have discovered:

That your true calling is your ability to give people hope.  And oh, my friends, how desperately do people need hope!!

Don’t just sit there.  Get out there and start giving out your pats…  

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