Article still going STRONG a month later: 10 Men Christian Woman Should Never Marry (This thing has wind under it’s sail — Wow!!)

When Lee Grady’s “Fire in my bones” column appeared just before Valentine’s Day in Charisma Magazine it caught my attention.  Especially the title: “10 Men Christian Woman Should Never Marry.”

Well, the piece went viral, with now almost 2 million views.  Holy Cow!  That never, ever happens with articles on Charisma Magazine, regardless how good or interesting is the article featured. This thing has just gone crazy.

But why?  Why would that column strike such a huge chord?  Here’s what the editor of Charisma Magazine Steve Strang thinks.  I think he’s probably right.

The comments on the site are almost all from Christians. It’s as if there is a deep desire from Christians who are so disappointed in people due to addictions, divorce, compromised standards and so forth that they resonate with a father figure like Lee telling women things their dad or pastor should have told them.

Click on the piece yourself.  You can read it in a couple minutes.  What you do think?

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