Where is God calling to serve during this Lenten Season? … Will you let him have his way?

The Rev. Dr. Andrew White, Vicar of St. Georges Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq, sitting with some of the children from his parish

During Lent, which begins this Wednesday March 5, Jesus followers around the world humble themselves and open themselves up to God.  They say, in effect, “God I’m yours.  You are my Creator and my sustainer.  I want you can see me as I am during these 40 days of Lent.  Take my life, Lord.  It’s yours. Cleanse me.  Lead me.  Show me.  Call me.”

I did a little pre-Lent preparation by reading about the life and call of British-born and reared Pastor Andrew White, the Vicar of St. Georges Church in Baghdad.   I got so fascinated by White’s life, especially his last 10 years  serving as a pastor in Baghdad, Iraq, I decided to write about it for my Sunday column on March 2.

Talk about a guy who felt the call of God and truly opened his life up to God.  Wow.  Read my column, think about what God may want from you during Lent and let me know what you think. 

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