The mysterious interweaving of God’s grace and human choice

In the Parable of the Generous Landowner (or Parable of the Vineyard Workers) in Matthew 20:1-16, Jesus has the landowner respond this way to charges of being unfair:

“I am not being unfair. You received the wages you agreed to work for.
If I choose to be generous to others, can’t I do with my money as I want?  Are
you jealous because I am generous?”

The very insightful former Iowa State University physics professor John Stanford says that Jesus is giving us a word picture of the unexpectedly generous grace of God.

Stanford says, “Notice also that the workers _willingly_ choose to work in the landowner’s
vineyard. Thus the parable alludes to what Gerald May (ADDICTION AND GRACE) calls the
“mysterious interweaving” of God’s grace with human will. (Emphasis mine.)

“Notice,” says Standford, “in your own life, instances of the ‘mysterious
interweaving’ of God’s grace and choices you make. Allow them to move you to
worship and reverence of our awesome God.”


[Incidentally, I highly recommend Addiction and Grace.  We all are addicts, says May.  Thoughtful and very insightful.]

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