Is this our plan or God’s plan… Oh, may God give us the courage of Joseph!

“Sooner or later, if we follow Christ we have to risk everything in order to gain everything. We have to gamble on the invisible and risk all that we see and taste and feel. But we know the risk is worth it, because there is nothing more insecure than this transient world.” —Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude
Kind Joseph had a plan.  He would quietly end his relationship with sweet Mary.
Joseph had an incredible moral dilemma.  Mary was pregnant and Joseph had NOTHING to do with it.
What’s a man — especially a man who treats others the way he wants to be treated — to do given such a dilemma?
When we are under pressure our real character is revealed, and that certainly was true of Joseph.  He was an honorable man, whose plan was to quietly leave Mary.  It was a decent plan, a really good plan.
It just wasn’t God’s plan.  An angel appeared to Joseph, telling him God’s plan.  But now what? What will Joseph do now?  
Well, thank God, dear, kind Joseph begins what always is so hard…
  … the risky journey of walking by faith.
God of all wisdom, whose ways are beyond my own, show me the limitations of relying on my own plans. Help me wake up to what you are inviting me to—a crazy step of faith, a sweet surrender, an act of blind trust. Like Joseph, give me the courage to follow you in the obedience of faith—wherever it may lead—for it is you I trust. Amen. (A prayer by Ruth Haley Barton)

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