What are you and God doing together … Prayer according to Pastor John Piippo

My friend Pastor John Piippo (who will be in Champaign-Urbana this Friday & Saturday) says this about prayer:

Prayer is talking with God about what we are doing together. OK. But is it possible to hear God speak to us? How can we discern whether what we are hearing is really God, or not? My 3-step suggestion is:

1. Spend much time alone in the presence of God.

2. Saturate yourself with the Scriptures. (Meditatively read them and study them.)

3. Hang around people who do #s 1 and 2.

 John Piippo will be in the house [StoneCreek Church in Urbana, 2502 So. Race] this Friday and Saturday:

Friday morning, September 20, from 8:30am-12noon ... Speaking on “Staying connected to the vine — The main role of every pastor”

Saturday morning, September 21, from 8:30am-12noon … Speaking on “Prayer — Discovering what you and God are doing together”

You are welcome … Actually, strongly encouraged to come! You do not have to register ahead of time.  Piippo is a great communicator — sincere, transparent, thoughtful, bright, caring.

Free Will offering taken…  

Come and hear what pastor Piippo has been learning about prayer since he first began taking it seriously 36 years ago! 

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