Trust is not natural — it’s supernatural!

My friend asked me this morning “Do you think it’s natural to trust?”  He spoke about I Corinthians 13 where Paul says love always trusts. 

Hmm… I thought it was a good question.

We talked about our willingness to be transparent with people.  Sometimes we are; sometimes we aren’t.   I said, “If I want people to trust me with information, I’ve wondered how often I am willing to be vulnerable with my own struggles and shortcomings.  If I’m not willing to go first sometimes, why should I expect others to divulge their weaknesses?”

Love that always trusts is, well, supernatural.  Don’t you think?

People don’t have to tell us everything.  Nor do we have tell all.  Well, sometimes, perhaps, but not always.  But we do have to be authentic, genuine, transparent, real.  We can’t always be in hiding mode.  People have to be able to read us.  We don’t want to confuse people into saying, “I haven’t a clue what that guy’s about.”  To trust someone you have to have the facts and know the truth.  If you always have to guess what the person is saying, you aren’t going to get trust. 

Here’s what we want.  We want others saying, “What you see with that guy is what you get.”  I don’t think you’ll get a better compliment than that, quite frankly.

Supernatural trust starts to happen when we quit lying to others, when we quit pretending we are somebody we aren’t and when we starting taking risks, however halting, to tell someone something about ourselves that shows we are just human … not any different from the other 7 million humans on the planet.

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