You CAN learn to be more aware of others…

I miss things around me all the time.  Most of us do, says peacemaker specialist Ken Sande.  Sande asks what if you saw …

  • A troubled look on a spouse’s face. (Did she just find a lump in her breast?)
  • A child who drops hints but walks away unheard. (Is he feeling pressure to become sexually active?)
  • A coworker who is unusually irritable. (Does she think you stole her ideas?)
  • A familiar store clerk who is unusually distracted. (Was her mother just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?)
  • A church member who glances away in the foyer. (Is he planning to go to another church?)
  • A boss who talks about “you” and “I” instead of “we” and “us.” (Does he think you’re no longer committed to the team?)

It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for.  But you can change. You can learn to see and hear the subtle cues that people broadcast.

With God’s help, you can go from being blind (read, clueless) to being observant and discerning. 

But you have to watch for the clues.  You have to stay awake and be present.  Little clues may be all you get.

You can pray that God will work in you to help you put off your self-absorption and to put on the sensitivity and discernment of Christ (John 13:15; Eph. 4:22-24; Eph. 5:1-2)

You can learn, with hard work, to be much more aware of others.  You might just make some wonderful discoveries if you’ll commit to be other-aware! (Prov. 20:5).

2 thoughts on “You CAN learn to be more aware of others…

  1. I wonder… Is part of the equation of becoming more aware of others becoming more aware of yourself? Not in an unhealthy way, of course, but thinking, "Wow, when I'm hurting and trying to hold it together, I don't want to meet anyone's eye. Maybe that person wouldn't meet my eye because they're hurting."


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