We we must let go of our need to understand … a key element in understanding God & Community

Here’s Father Richard Rohr in Simplicity — the freedom of letting go  … as he reflects on the mystery of God and Christian community:

In my opinion there are three primary things that we have to let go of. First is the compulsion to be successful. Second is the compulsion to be right even, and espe­cially, to be theologically right. That’s an ego trip, and because of this need churches have split in half, with both parties prisoners of their own egos. Finally there is the com­pulsion to be powerful, to have everything under control. I’m convinced that these are the three demons Jesus faced in the wilderness. And so long as we haven’t looked these three demons in the face, we should presume that they’re still in charge. The demons have to be called by name, clearly, concretely, and practically, spelling out just how imperious and self-righteous we are. This is the first lesson in the spirituality of subtraction.

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