A simple act of kindness done over and over and over

If you are like me and have O negative blood (a universal donor … anybody can receive O negative blood), and are willing to donate it, you will get called every 8 weeks when you are eligible to give.

Giving blood costs you very little, other than about 45 minutes and a tiny poke in your arm.  And you have no idea who you might help — someone who lost blood in surgery, someone who has been in an accident.  You have no idea.  But someone will be very grateful!

I like to look on the wall of long-time donors when I leave the blood bank.  My Champaign friend Bill Kruidenier has given 22 gallons of blood.  Now think about this… That’s more than 16 times the amount of blood found in the human body.  You donate a pint of blood each time you give (about 10 pints of blood in the body).

Bill has given more than 175 pints of blood.  You can give blood every 8 weeks.  So if Bill gave every time he was eligible (about 6.5 times a year), he would have had to donate 6.5 times a year for more than 27 years in a row. 

Bill is in his 50s with a long way to go…  Wow.  Imagine the scores and scores of people helped because of the simple, regular, disciplined donation of one man who consistently counts others better than himself.  Very impressive… 

Moral of this story:  Pay attention to these kind of people and strive to emulate them!

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