Mistakes I make almost every day…in mentoring others

These are some of the mistakes I make a lot in talking with people…

Trying to Fix the person.  (I can’t even fix myself.  So what is it in me that wants to fix you?)

Working hard to Diagnose the problem instead of discussing the greatness of the person with whom I am talking. (If you see how wonderful you are, you will soon see that you are the expert on your life, not me or anyone else.)

Working harder than the person I am coaching. (If you don’t want it, well, I can’t make you want it.)

Worrying about what I will say when the person I am coaching stops talking. (Silence often is my best friend, but often I won’t let it be. I’m apt to but in and say, “Okay, now it’s my turn to give you my opinion and tell you what to do with your life.”)

Deciding what the focus of the coaching session will be. (Why should I drive?  It’s your life.)

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