Embracing the mystery of mental illness

The Internet is hopping today, and with every good reason, with condolences for Rick and Kay Warren (prominent pastors from Saddleback Community Church) on the death of their youngest son, who ended his life late last week.

Warren’s son had suffered from debilitating mental illness for many years.  Mental illness effects so many families in very public and very painful ways.

I can only imagine what the Warrens are experiencing, as well as so many thousands of unnamed families who also are affected by mental illness.  I am so sorry for them.  It’s just awful.  I can only imagine and pray for them and hold them in my heart.

Truth is, there are so times in life when all we can do is embrace the God of darkness, the God of mystery.   

Listen to the song I’ve linked to here, if you have a few minutes.  It’s called  Holy Darkness.  As I listened to it myself, I tried to imagine what so many families are experiencing on a daily basis with the complexities of mental illness.

As you listen,try to imagine what thousands upon thousands of families are going through every day as someone in their family suffers from deep depression or some debilitating form of mental illness. 

So much mental illness in the world … So few answers.

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