Now that, my friends, is a gift!

Almost 10 years ago up at Fairview Medical Center in Minneapolis, my youngest brother David gave my younger brother Bob, whose kidneys were failing, one of his kidneys.  How’s that for sharing!!

The antigens in their blood types made them a terrific match and indeed, both brothers are doing very well.  Both working, exercising, feeling well and living life to the fullest. 

March is National Kidney month.  Read this short piece to get a quick idea of the magnitude of what we’re dealing with here.  For example, did you have any idea that your kidneys filter waste out of 200 liters of blood each day circulating through your body?  … Oh, the wonders of these bodies.  Oh, the things we rarely think about and take for granted. 

You talk about giving someone a gift.  Giving someone one of your kidneys to give him a new lease on life, that kind of gift you cannot top! What an honorable, sacrificial, terrific gift.  Hats off to my brother David and to the thousands who have given one of their kidneys to someone in need.  Wow!

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