Want to be TRULY strong in the Lord? Understand your weakness

We know from II Corinthians that the Apostle Paul was taken into heaven and given an incredible view.  It was a view, a vision, that few have been afforded.  And yet, he seemed quite reluctant to speak about it most of the time.  In fact, to keep him humble, grounded, and in touch with reality, a thorn in the flesh was given him.  Paul said it was a “messenger of satan.”

This thorn was given to a man who had experienced so much of God, a man who had seen to much of God’s presence, a man who went on to write much of the New Testament that God uses to this very day to speak to us.  Given all that, Paul was given this thorn in the flesh — a thorn God chose not remove, though Paul pled with God to remove it.  Try and get your head around that.  

And God’s response to Paul?  … Delight in this weakness.  For when you are weak and feel vulnerable and incapable, you are just where you need to be.  At that point of weakness — when you feel at the very end of your rope and utterly inadequate — realize that my grace is enough.  I still love you.  You are still my son; still my daughter.  Even then.  Even then you have to live by faith, not by sight.

Can you run to the arms of a God like that?  It’s a real question.  Can you?  Do you?  Will you?

Take a look at this chart and enjoy resting in God, even with your weaknesses. It’s my personal challenge to you…

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