A Sunday morning service centered on Lectio Divina

This morning at the Mercy Vineyard church in Minneapolis, MN, they kicked off their Lenten series called “Leap of Faith.”

Christena Cleveland from their preaching team shared a beautiful and thoughtful message on the Beatitudes and then in the final 15 minutes she led the congregation back through the passage (Matthew 5:1-10) using Lectio Divina, the ancient practice of reading the Scriptures…

* At the conclusion of her talk, Cleveland led into the Lectio Divina exercise by reading the passage 3 times, slowly and thoughtfully.  Already she had read the passage at the beginning of the talk.  She asked us to be listening for a word that God might want us to ponder or speak to us about.

* She then had us meditate and journal for about 5 or 6 minutes.  The congregation merely sat quietly during this time, some praying, others writing.

* Finally, preacher Cleveland read the passage one last time and made a few closing comments. It was simple and elegant and she gave the Scriptures a chance to speak to each of us.

* At the end of the service the congregation was encouraged to pick up a set of 40 readings with attached Lectio Divina exercises for each day.

* This kind of reflective service is what I really like, to be honest, and this morning was no different. Very inspiring service…

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