Changing my attitude; expressing gratitude

In Genesis 13:1-18 Abraham and his nephew Lot separate.  Here’s what happened:

* Lot journeyed with Abram and Sarai from Haran all the way to promised land.  The childless Abram surely must have grown to love his nephew Lot as if he were his own son. (v. 1)

* Still, there comes a time when adults must separate from their grown children (if they are wise) and surrender them to the world outside their family. Why do you think it was necessary that Abram and Lot separate from one another? (v. 5-7)

* Abram took action, giving Lot the choice of the land.  Now, you would think Lot would defer to his uncle (at least that’s what I think), but Lot quickly chooses the more attractive land of the Jordan Plain (v. 8-11)  Lot’s choice finally becomes his downfall, too (v. 12-13).

* Abram, on the other hand, inherited the more rugged hills of Canaan, an area where dependence on God seems more necessary, a place where trust and peace can be cultivated.  God tells Abram to look North, South, East and West and told him that this land will be the land of his offspring forever (v. 14-15).  Then Abram is told to walk the length and breath of the land (v. 17), a symbolic action indicating that the land will belong to Abram and he will belong to the land.

So I am wondering…

* What are the spiritual advantages of settling in the rugged hills of Canaan rather than the fertile plains?

* How did Abram know it was time to separate from Lot?  How do any parents and their adult children know when it is time to let go and separate from one another?

* What is the land God has given you?  To what places is your identity particularly bound?  Does where you live help you cultivate a life for God?


Finally, here’s a prayer of acceptance to help us accept where we are as our place “Lord God, when I look to the north, south, east and west, I realize that I am surrounded by reminders of your presence.  I  want to cultivate a life that gives honor to you.  Help me to treasure your gifts that surround me and to use them for your greater glory.”

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