The winds they seem to be a changin’

Very interesting to talk with young adults in particular — that is, Jesus following young adults — about their view of being gay, bisexual and straight.

The links below are fascinating to me.  Two are short, thoughtful posts about how lots of young Christians feel and think about homosexuality.  The final one is an article in the February 2011 GQ magazine about Ted Haggard and his current understanding of his own sexuality.  Haggard is interesting to me because, like the energizer bunny, he just keeps on running.

If you have a minute to read the two short posts about the changing world of homosexuality, check here and here and then, if you have 10 minutes, read the well-written, honest piece about Haggard — I’ll give you the takeaway to tempt you:  He says, and I understand how he came to say this, though he is happily married with adult children and utterly committed to his wife, and now living and pastoring in Colorado Springs from whence he was shunned more than four years ago, he probably is bisexual. —  here.

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