World Vision San Antonio

The River Walk in San Antonio taken from our 20th floor room.

Jennifer is a child Ambassador with World Vision. She and several hundred other volunteers do a tremendous work finding people to sponsor World Vision children from around the world.  They all do a great job with such a heart for the hurting children of the world.

We are attending World Vision’s annual Child Ambassador conference in San Antonio.  World Vision, the largest Christian humanitarian organization in the world, is such a first-class operation.

1.  Staying right on San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk just a block or so from the Alamo.  What a great convention destination.  This place is teaming with convention goers. 
2.  Hearing Max Lucado speak … sometimes known as America’s pastor.  What an honor to hear him speak.  He is totally, utterly genuine and a great spokesman for World Vision.  His books have sold, gulp, more than 60 million copies.  Yes, that’s 60 million.  My goodness, try and get your head around that. 
3.  Having a 45-minute conversation with Marilee Pierce Dunker.  She is the daughter of Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision.  Her book about her dad … Man of Vision … is one of the top 2 or 3 books I have ever read that influenced how I think about ministry.  It is a MUST READ of you are a pastor, missionary or Christian leader.  She, like Lucado, is real, transparent … all the way through.

World Vision is a great organization.  Wow.

Max Lucado has been pastoring here in San Antonio since 1988.

Jennifer and Marilee Pierce Dunker, the daughter of Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision

The famous Riverwalk along the San Antonio River

Remember the ….? (Yep, you got it.)

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