How do you read the headlines?

A reading of Matthew 9, after Jesus returned to Capernaum, makes one consider some possible newspaper headlines of the day…

Synagogue ruler ostracized and mocked after daughter recovers from flu; daughter is taunted and laughed at by neighbors while screaming with happiness (v18-26)
Confused woman lunges for Rabbi’s robe; neighbors admit to often questioning her truthfulness (v20-22)

Respected local physician says some eye diseases do,though rarely, disappear spontaneously (v27-31)

Neighbors in frenzy by so-called endless “talking” of annoying, local vagrants (v27-31)

Respected religion scholar calms locals with simple explanation  (v34)

Here’s the question, which of course, is always the question after you are jarred by the news of the day, “In your heart, and according to your faith, what do you believe about Jesus?”

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