Embrace the Mystery of Advent … of life

German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer strongly encourages us to embrace the mysteries of life, not to fixate on the world of calculation and exploitation.

“…the final depth of all mystery is when two people come so close to each other they they love each other.  Nowhere in the world does one feel the might of the mysterious and its wonder as strongly as here.  When two people know everything about each other, the mystery of the love between them becomes infinitely great.  … The very fact that the other person is so near to me is the greatest mystery.”

Is it any wonder as Mary, Jesus’ mother, beheld her son … the son of God, that in utter amazement and humility she “treasured all these things in her heart.”?  Luke 2:51

Close your eyes for 20 seconds and think about someone you really love.  Isn’t it amazingly beautiful and mysterious?

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