Commencement speaker being announced at Indiana university

This is under the never ceased to be amazed category.  Read it for yourself here.  I’d love to know the story about how this incredibly positive press release got to written and posted on the university’s web site.    
Bottom line:  Trine Unversity in northeast Indiana has invited former Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight to be its commencement speaker this spring.  Knight, the man whose language during his career was so foul his former players could barely stand it…. Knight, the man who was fond of threatening his players who questioned him…Knight, the man who was quickly fired at Indiana University in 2000 by IU President Myles Brand for breaking the strict rules Brand set for Knight.  Do a simple search on the web.  You can go on and on. 

Now Knight will speak to university students about how to live and succeed among their fellow humans.  I bet he’ll talk about the fruits of the Spirit of gentleness and kindness and the admonition from the Apostle Paul about how to let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth. 

Prior to his firing, Knight won hundreds and hundreds of basketball games at Indiana University and graduated 98 percent of his players.  He also gave generously to charity while threatening his players and using vulgar language laced with sexual inneundo — all well documented in John Feinstein’s best-seller A Season on the Brink

Here Knight is recently criticizing new Kentucky coach John Calipari.  I agree with Knight, but geesh, talk about painting the kettle black.

There you have it.  Knight will get an honorary doctorate and be the honored guest at Trine University.  Wow… .

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