Your single greatest strength

I’ve been talking with some guys about their greatest single strength. I told them, “Here’s a way to think about it…”
Answer these questions:
1. What makes you really unique?
2. What do you find easy that other people find hard or impossible?
3. What is exhilarating to you that others may find threatening or frightening?
4. What seems so easy to you that you think, “Well, everyone could do this, couldn’t they?”
5. What do you do best?
6. What is the strength you always build around?
7. What is the strength that you frequently combine with your biggest emotional need (to be loved, to be approved of, to be appreciated, to be recognized, to be respected, to be secure, to be supported, to feel connected)?
Now, make a list of the things you do well. Whip them off fast… 15 or 20 or 25 things. Circle your top 5. Look closely, very closely, at those 5. When you finally can say, “My single greatest strength is my ability to…,” you have found one of the corner pieces of your life’s 100,000-piece puzzle!
(Frankly, there are likely areas where you are stronger than many of your friends. But the bottom line question for you to wrestle with in the privacy of your heart is: “What do I do the very best?” When you find that, you will have indeed found what coach Al Ells calls “Your true sweet spot.”)

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