This blog is about to change, I think!

Life always is changing.  This blog is going to be changing soon, I think.  I believe perhaps it will be more interesting soon.  It's pretty darned interesting now, especially when I post regularly.  πŸ™‚

I,Don Follis, will continue to be the writer, but the name will change soon.  It will reflect a new ministry I am beginning a new ministry called Pastor to Pastor Initiatives.   My new web site is up, but it isn't finished yet.  I already am coaching 9 pastors.  Very fascinating stuff, this coaching.  And what a tremendous need I am finding.

This new ministry will augment a ministry in which I am currently involved.  I do pastoral care with Vineyard pastors in the midwest region (Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin). 

In fact, I may rename this this current blog and call it Pastor to Pastor initiatives.  But maybe not.  I am just not sure.  Right now I am looking at all my options.  Hang with me, and pray for me that I will have lots of wisdom on what it is I am supposed to do … what will be best, that is! 

I am not going to decide for a week or so.  If you look at my website, you will find a link to a blog that is different from this one.  It has a different look and uses a different provider.  I thought I would try integrating a new blog with the website.  It's all through godaddy, the company I am using to build my website. 

One problem, not a huge one I suppose, is that the editor with this blog (typepad) is better than the editor with the godaddy blog (Quick blogcast.) 

Right now I am doing a lot of storming and thinking and pondering.  After I decide what exactly I am going to do, you will know.  I won't decide this week because I will be with 8 pastors I coach at a class in Wisconsin (Tuesday-Sunday) – Green Lake Conference Center.  I may post while I am up at Green Lake, but I am not going to make major changes on the blog, unless I get a moment of utter clarity.

I doubt the content will change much, even after I decide.  I'll just post more frequently, and I hope you find what I post interesting.  I think you will.  I suspect I will post more about my coaching with pastors and the current state of the church in the United States, but even that remains to be seen.  Even if I call it Pastor to Pastor Initiatives, you certainly don't have to be a pastor to read it.  πŸ™‚

There you go.  I've just told you a whole lot more than you ever wanted to know.  πŸ™‚

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