I have not been Dieting

Eden diet I have not been dieting but I have lost 12 pounds since the end of May.  I have never dieted in my life.  I now weigh about what I weighed when I when I was a senior in high school.  Imostly attribute the weight loss to not eating desserts this summer and a substantial slowdown to mindless eating … stopping by the cabinet and throwing a mouthful or two of cereal into my mouth when my selfish inner child cries out, "I need a snack … now." 

This summer , rather serendipitously, I stumbled upon and read a fascinating, simple book that I can highly recommend. It's The Eden Diet — A Biblical and Merciful Christian Weight Loss Program by Rita Hancock, M.D. 

Hancock bases her entire book on four contentions:

1.  We should eat to the glory of God.

2.  All foods are permissible.

3.  Don't worry about food.

4.  Don't be a glutton. 

Hancock is opposed to diets, unless prescribed by a physician.  She's actually strongly opposed to diets.  She has worked with overweight patients for years and years and says diets just don't work … not for the long haul.

Hancock builds her arguments around her four biblical premises.  She's merciful, knowledgeable, practical and a fellow pilgrim.

Her credentials:  Nutrition education at Cornell, medical degree from New York State, board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

But her biggest, most impressive credential:  Hancock lost about 80 pounds and has kept it off for more than 25 years!  Now that got my attention.

I think you will like this book!  You'll be reading a very knowledgeable person who readily admits she is a fellow struggler.  My kind of person.


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