The Serenity Prayer … another all-time favorite

Serenity For years I have been praying the Serenity Prayer, made famous for its use in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Most people think it originated with American pastor and theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.  It is certainly possible but even Niebuhr admitted that the prayer had probably been lurking around for years prior to his penning it.  Here's AA's take on its origin.

Its origin doesn't really matter to me.  Here's the version I pray nearly every day …

God, grant me the serenity (I say grace or peace) to accept the things I cannot change … the courage to change the things I can … and the wisdom to know the difference. (that's the well-known short version but I always then add this part...) Living one day at a time … enjoying one moment at a time … accepting hardship as the pathway to peace … taking this sinful world as he (I say Jesus) did, not as I would have it … trusting that he will make all things new if I surrender to his will … that I may reasonably happy in this life … and supremely happy with Him forever in the next life.


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