Being kind to others

Be Kind There are several benefits to being kind to others …

1.  Those who are kind exemplify the fruit of the Spirit.

2.  Helping others makes you feel advantaged (and thankful) by comparision.

3. When you are kind to others it impacts your self-perception.  You may begin viewing yourself as an altruistic and compassionate person.

4. Showing kindness seems to jump-start a slew of positive social consequences.  People start to like you and even offer gratitude.  Others may help you when you have needs.  When you are kind to others you start connecting with others.  You get some smiles.  That makes you feel good.  People really are dying for people to be kind to them. 


Today I let a car  get in line when others weren't.  He smiled at me and gave me two thumbs up.    How trivial was what I did, I thought.  But as we drove along a bit I saw him let another car switch lanes who was boxed in. 

Then I thought, "Ah, the ripple effects of kindness."

2 thoughts on “Being kind to others

  1. This is so true, about the ripple effect of kindness. I find that for myself, the opposite is true, too: the ripple effect of rudeness. I was one of those "trying to get over" people while stuck in a lane that ended. Someone was really rude about it, and it promptly made me angry, and my reaction was wanting to be rude to someone else, in turn. Ridiculous.great posts, Don.


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