In Memory of my Dad

In MemoriamIn-memoriam

Darrel Allen "DA" Follis

January 1, 1928-May 13, 2009


Born in rural northwestern Kansas … lived his whole life there … lived on 7 different farms growing up, where his father (my grandfather) worked as a tenant farmer … sergeant in the infantry in the Korean Conflict (honorably discharged) … Married to Patricia Jennings for 57 years … fathered and loved 5 children well … served his community serving on the city council and many civic organizations … took being a church elder very seriously … had the gift of encouragement and always told people to "hang in there" …  spent 62 years in the work force working "full time" … not part-time — FULL TIME …  officially retired (a word he despised) perhaps a month ago … in his first job at a public utility company he went from a ditch digger to a division manager in his 45-year career … didn't lose his temper … didn't curse … didn't complain … didn't fight … always looked forward to tomorrow  …  kept his cars and truck spotless inside and out … always thanked mom for meals – "mighty tasty momma" … liked jam on his bread — lots of it, and pie and cake and homemade ice cream …  always told me "Pull your weight, don't complain, live within your means and leave this world better than you found it" … Farewell, my good man … Well done … You pulled your weight, lived way under your means and absolutely left the world better than you found it.

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