The words you use really do matter…

Words matter A couple of more thoughts from Andrew Marin and his winsome, stimulating new book by InterVarsity Press … Love is an Orientation (IVP, 2009) …  He argues throughout the book that our words and phrases, especially when interacting with the GLBT community, really do matter.

"Christians too easily lose sight of the fact that not everyone takes what we say as genuine.  In fact from my experience, the GLBT community's default system is to never take anything Christians say as genuine." 

He says the GLBT community has heard one too many times, "Hate the sin; love the sinner."  I'm sure they have, and I don't blame them for not taking the faith community seriously.  

And while he's at it … Marin also says, "Since the mainstream GLBT community has traditionally looked at the Bible as a tool of oppression, hearing the word homosexual sets off a domino effect of associations:  homosexual=Bible=Christian=fundamentalism=anti-gay=anti-me.  Furthermore, many in the GLBT community are pleasantly surprised when they meet a Christian who doesn't call them a homosexual."  (p.60)

Surely we can use words like gay, lesbian, GLBT and gay and lesbian community.  Can't we?

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