Rocky, John Denver and “run, baby, run!”

Stadium 3

This is the old Kansas State University football stadium, taken from my Holiday Inn room last weekend.  I used to run the stairs almost every day back in the day.

Stadium 1

Yeah, baby.  I can still do it.  Double click the picture.  That is indeed, me.  I still remember after the very first Rocky movie what I did.  My Mexican classmate and I were so inspired, we got our workout clothes on and at 10:30pm we headed over to the stadium and ran our little hearts out, going up and down the stairs…

Stadium 2

That's Max Ahearn Field House in the background.  One night after running the stairs a bunch of us headed over to a John Denver concert held in the field house.  The place was packed.  Before Denver took the stage, a field house official took the stage and announced in "no uncertain terms" that there were be no smoking cigarettes or marijuana during the concert or you would be promptly escorted out.

The lights were out and I'll never forget what happened next.  People started yelling, "Light up.  Light up."  And suddenly you could see about five or six thousand little lights all throughout the field house.  The guy said again, "You will all be arrested."  No one was, as far as I ever knew.   When John Denver took the stage he clearly was delighted by crowd bucking the KSU authorities.  It was, after all, the 1970s…  

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