Good Coaching questions…

Listening I am coaching you and I appreciate our time together.  As a pastor, my temptation is to listen to you, think of what I would do and then blurt it out.  But that's not what I want to do here.  As your coach, I am more of a bouncing board and want to listen and ask you what I hope are some good, even piercing questions…

Here are some of the actual questions that might literally be included in a real coaching session:

* So, what you do you want to talk about?

* What would make this a really good coaching session?

* If we could accomplish one thing, what would it be?

* What are your expectations?

* What questions can I ask you that would be most helpful?

* What are the consequences?

* Is that true?

* Do you have other options?

* What did you expect would happen?

* What is the best that can happen?

* What is the worst that can happen?

* What will it look like for you to get there?

* If you do one thing as the result of our coaching session, what would it be?

* How are you going to put that in motion?

* What do you have now that you didn't have at the beginning of this coaching session?


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