The questions of Jesus

Questions Jesus askedCheck out Questions Jesus Asked by Joel Giallanza.  Jesus asked scores of questions of people.  Many are recorded in the the Gospels.  The questions I most hear from Jesus are, "Who do you say that I am?" "Do you love me?" and "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' but then not do what I say?"

The question I seem to ask Jesus most nights as I lie in bed saying my prayers is, "To whom can I go?"

That question first was posed by the Apostle Peter.  You probably know his famous answer.  "You alone have the words of eternal life."

3 thoughts on “The questions of Jesus

  1. I loved this book ! The part that gripped me the most was talking about the cross and whatit represents. How easy it seamingly is to skip from the last supper to the resurection. I felt great compassion and a sense of the loneliness He must have felt while nailed there to the cross. I nearly fell to the floor. Surely the crosses we face in life are not as bad as that. I am searching.I would love to hear any thoughts or experiences anyone may have(3 months after this was first posted). Examples of your cross?


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