What should you say?

Talking Do you ever talk with people who you know are telling you too much?  You realize, "This is none of my business."

Craig Groeschel from the influential LifeChurch.tv gives pastors these thoughts about what they should say from the pulpit.

*Everything you say must be true. But everything that is true doesn’t need to be said.
*If you or your spouse is uncomfortable about sharing something too personal—don’t.
*If you might make someone look bad, don’t share it.
*If your challenge is “too fresh,” you might allow some time to pass before sharing it.
*If you’re going to tell a story about someone in the church, get their permission first.
*If you’re telling a story about someone else that would be upset if they find out, don’t tell the story. (Even if you don’t use their names, it’s amazing how small the world is and what people hear.)

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