God is our rock, the most high our redeemer

Teton_range If you’ve ever been to this majestic range, you recognize it instantly.  These mountains are the Tetons, and this picture taken in Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming shows the Snake River meandering along east of the Tetons.  They are way more breathtaking than this picture depicts!

I’ve been to to Grand Teton National Park many times.  This morning I suddenly thought of the Tetons as I read from Psalm 78. 

That particular Psalm speaks of mortality.  Certainly my mortality comes to mind when I think of little old me standing in the campground, trying to soak in the Teton Range or, as I am this morning, sitting in my home office watching the night magically turn to day. 

In Psalm 78, God simply loves his sinful creation — we beautiful, fragile, broken people made in his very imagine.

Two verses particularly jumped out…

"Despite his wonders, they refused to trust him."  v32 

"Many times he held back his anger and did not unleash his fury!  For he remembered that they were merely mortal, gone like a breath of wind that never returns."  v39

There rarely is a morning that my prayer does not include, "Holy, blessed and glorious Trinity, three persons in one God, be merciful to me a sinner."

2 thoughts on “God is our rock, the most high our redeemer

  1. Breathtaking photo for sure, It makes me think about what it takes to create that view, or better yet paint the picture. Humans have spent there lives learning and practicing to paint, to put on canvas, to record views like that. Some would think they have really done something when they come close.(maybe they have).But think about the complexity it took too create the real thing. Think about all the pieces that come together, from mountain range, trees, the river, all the life involved in that one scene down to the microbes in the water.The true painter of that picture created it for what? Not just an eco system there. A view that was meant for the only species that can see it. HumansThink about it, really sets me back.


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