Always trying to imitate Christ

Imitation_of_christ John Wesley and John Newton listed it among the works that influenced them at their conversion. Protestants and Roman Catholics alike join in giving it praise. The Imitation of Christ by German Augustinian Monk Thomas a Kempis in the early fifteenth century remains a beloved favorite all over the world for more than 500 years.

Consider just a couple thoughts…

Humility will guard you when tempted and will strengthen you in times of dryness. In such times, you will find great benefit. A man’s merits are measured by his humility, divine love shown, faithfulness in striving for God’s honor, hatred of self, and preference for rejection and humiliation over honor.


When you face trouble, you must turn to Me in prayer. You hesitate to do so, and in so doing, wait longer for My consolation. Instead, you turn to others for comfort, not realizing that outside of Me there is no comfort, no cure, nor any useful counsel. Remember that when things do not go as you wish, all is not lost. Just as I suffered according to the love of the Father, and My disciples suffered great hardship, so also must you suffer.

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