Envy comes in when you least expect it

Envy Right after I graduated from college I was hired to work in public relations for the small school I attended.  I drove a school vehicle on official business.  For some reason the top business official at the school got his nose out of joint about the new graduate tooling around, though fully authorized, in one of the cars belonging to the college.

A friend told me he knew it bugged this administrator that I had so many friends and that it was easy for me to strike up a conversation with people.

The day before I left on vacation I noticed a note under one of the wiper blades on the car I drove.  It said, “Don, it has come to my attention that you plan to use a school car for your vacation.  Let me be clear.  This is against school policy.”

I shot straight to the guy’s office, livid that he would put this note under the wiper blade and not come straight to me.  Taking the car had not even crossed my mind.  I knew school policy.  I asked the official who told him that I was planning on taking it.

He stammered and said something like, “Ah, well, I knew you wouldn’t take the car on vacation.”  That’s it.  Nothing else.  I walked to his door and said, “If I am not following protocol in the future, please talk with me directly.” 

Basically, I had hit the ground running and this man could not stand it.  Thomas Aquinas’ definition of envy comes to mind – “sorrow at another’s good.”  Isn’t it strange how we can feel belittled by another person’s success?  Why is it that we feel as if we should bring someone down to their deserved level?   Envy enjoys making us dejected.  It follows by helping us think of ways to disparage or even destroy someone.

Is it your habit to look around at others with callings resembling yours?  Is their success more than they deserve and yours somehow less?  Are you disappointed at the gap between your desires and accomplishments? 

Listen to the voice of God for you.  Answer his call.

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