Accepting your ancestry at Christmas

Statediningroom1960christmas_2 I read Matthew 1:1-17 this morning.  It’s Matthew’s version of Jesus’ ancestry.  Jesus’ forebears included children born of incest (Perez) and children born of mixed races (Boaz).  Solomon is in there, too. 

Imagine stepping in this Christmas scene and someone trying to explain who Solomon is …

"See that pretty woman sitting there to the left of the Christmas tree.  The woman next to uncle George.  That’s Bathsheba.  She’s Solomon’s mother.  Oh heavens no.  She’s not married to George.  George is a mailman and married to aunt Mary.  That one standing over there.  She’s a school teacher.  They are my favorite relatives.  I want you to meet them.

"Bathsheba is married to uncle David.  That’s him standing outside having a smoke with uncle Joe.  Uncle David is a jerk.  Life rotates around him.  He’s a entrepreneur … into computers, real estate, you name it.  He probably owns it.

"He had an affair with Bathsheba and got her pregnant a few years back.  They married right after he got her pregnant, but when the baby was born he died after a couple of days.  Then Solomon came along.  I’m always so nervous when they come for Christmas.  They ain’t easy, man.  Sure, I’ll introduce you to Bathsheba if you want.  She’s nice, but she’s way complex.  Just be forewarned."

Yep, Jesus entered human history through an interesting genealogy all right. 

"Lord, teach me to accept my  humanity, my genes, my relatives, and most of all, myself.  Just the way you accepted yours."

[Picture of of the Eisenhower family in the House White at a family Christmas dinner in 1960.  I included it because Eisenhower was a Kansan.  I am a Kansan.]

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