Wombs within wombs

Philospher Peter Kreeft says:

"The whole material universe is a maternal universe, a Great Mother, a womb.  Its basic law, fromMother_earth  galaxies to guppies, is growth, evolution, a purposive change.  Like a womb, it is not for itself or its own survival.  It eventually grows old and dies.  Its purpose is to mother a child.  The human body is that child.

"The body is a womb within a womb, whose purpose it is in turn to mother the soul.  Our body is a universe in miniature, a microcosm.  It is evolutionary … a place where something greater than itself is born, a birth canal within the cosmic birth canal, a door within a door."

Love is Stronger than Death (Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 1992); p. 73-74

I am much more than my body.  Indeed, the human body contains something bigger than the whole world.  Kreeft says, "The world swallows our bodies like specks of dust; but our thought swallows the world."

When we die, to use Kreeft’s image, we move down the universe’s birth canal, out of the cosmic mother, never to return to her womb. 

Well, maybe not never.  C.S. Lewis is his book Miracles says that in the new heaven and new earth we may be able to "recognize our old enemy, friend, playmate and foster-mother, so perfected as to be not less, but more, herself.  And that will be a merry meeting."

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