A mother’s love…and her prayers

Mothers_love The front-page story in last Sunday’s Washington Post fills in a few blanks about the parents of Seung-Hui Cho, the murderer in the Virginia Tech mass killings.

Cho’s mother, Hyang In Cho, was desperate to help her son.  Last summer she had sought prayers, intervention and help from members of One Mind Church in Woodbridge, Virginia.  The lead pastor said Hyang wanted her son to be healed from  "demonic power."

According to journalist Douglas LeBlanc, Cho’s chosen life of  both solitude and self-imposed exile, stirs up memories of the opening pages of the Great Divorce, in which C.S. Lewis imagines Hell as an ever-expanding city because its inhabitants are so determined to get away from one another.  (Great book!)

The Washington Post never says whether Hyang In Cho was right in seeking spiritual deliverance for her son.  The piece does convey her great distress in seeing her son’s destructive spiral.

We parents must never quit praying for our children, knowing that in many respects they merely are on loan to us. 

But the Evil One can’t have them either, and yet he seeks to destroy them.  The one who really wants our children is Jesus.  They belong to them, and it is He who is their Savior and Lord. 

Pray earnestly for your children.  "Lord Jesus, may our children come to know you and love you and follow you all of their days!"

One thought on “A mother’s love…and her prayers

  1. I was saddened by the story of Cho's childhood.He was rejected, ostracized, bullied and humilliated by people.Why do we treat those who are different this way?If Cho had been loved, nurtured, accepted would the end result have been different?I do not condone his terrible murders.How many Cho's are in the making right now?And what about those who suffer rejection quietly and don't do what Cho did?Christ Jesus reached out to the rejects. Do we all do the same?


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