Are you honest about your motives?

Confessions St. Augustine admited that his self-image as a seeker after spiritual truth was not match by his indulgent life style.

Augustine and his friends fancied themselves on an untiring search for truth.  But he wrote:

"It never occurred to us to stop doing the things that contradicted our search for truth or that a connection might exist between our present lifestyle and the fact that the truly good life that we said we wanted never actually seemed to arrive. … I fled from the truth even while I claimed to be seeking it.  I simply did not see that my intellectual problems were really moral problems in disguise."  (The Confessions of St. Augustine, retold by David Winter)

In a man’s struggle to give himself totally to Jesus, being honest with his real motives is so hard.  Are we willing to let Jesus really looking deeply into what motivates us?

One thought on “Are you honest about your motives?

  1. That makes me think what really motivates me. Am I truly willing to let God look deep inside of me and detect my real motives? Probably not…But do I really know what my motives are?…Definately not.


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