Oh the value of being at peace!

Education I appreciate my education.  The ability to read books, which I so enjoy, and to even be able to write these words, is of incalculable worth to me.

Education, though wonderful, is limited.  Quite frankly, the older I get the more I realize how little I know about anything.  That may sound trite to you, but it is absolutely true.  If being truly educated is realizing what you do not know, than I may be brighter than I think.

Thomas a Kempis, medieval monk and author of Imitation of Christ, one of the best known books on Christian devotion ever penned, weighed in on education by writing …

… it is more valuable to be at peace than to be highly educated.

A man’s good education is not what brings him peace.  Peace is a matter of the heart.  When I struggle with anxiety and jealousy and a desire to "be someone," I know that only surrendering to God’s Spirit can bring true peace to my heart.  And when the fruit of peace ripens in my life, I am calm, relaxed and truly alive.  No diploma has ever done that for me.

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