Discovering the Most Important Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual_gifts I have no doubt that the Church works best  when each person does her part.  Throughout the years I have taken several different spiritual gift inventories.  Most of these have some value, and I don’t discourage people from using them.  They especially can be helpful for young believers.

One of my friends told me she repeatedly discovered she had the gift of being single.  That is, until she fell in love and got married. 

It makes sense to read over the list of gifts mentioned in Romans 12, Ephesians 4 and I Peter 4 to see if any of the gifts fit you.  (These are just some of the spiritual gifts.  The lists are primers to get your mind going.  Frankly, some of your spiritual gifts may not even be discovered until you’ve been a Christian for a long time.  The Lord does not waste his gifts on  people until they are ready to receive them.)

Every person trying to find her place in the Church should ponder I Corinthians 12.  We certainly cannot all be ears, eyes or brains.  Someone has to be the big toe.  No one sees the big toe much, but trying spraining your big toe.  You’ll see then what an "insignificant" part of the body it is.

Peter, a Bishop from Damascus in the third century, surmised that there are but 4 spiritual gifts …

Wealth to show mercy.

Poverty to stay patient.

Health to help others.

Feebleness to stay humble.

Are you still feeling called to be a patient and humble person?

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