Constant Vigilance or there’s no victory!

When you reach out to God in prayer and reflection, do you ever struggle with conqueringVigilance_1   the ideas and images that come to your mind?  For me, some days the struggle is powerful, and I am amazed at how much of my sinful man remains. 

One of my favorite devotional writers, a retired physics professor in Iowa, recently said that if we don’t conquer those thoughts that pop into our mind, they conquer us. 

Honestly, when I often most desire to be alone with God, these ideas slip into my mind with such stealth that constant vigilance alone can detect them.

When my mind is occupied with something other than God, a barrier is erected between Him and me.

The most important part of a person’s spiritual growth, and probably more helpful to your family and friends than anything else, is a single desire for God alone.  If you seek God’s kingdom first and only, surely you will be satisfied with nothing else.

"As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.  I thirst for God, the living God." Psalm 42:1-2 (New Living Translation)

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