Only God can redeem the time

Reflection I have always admired the faith and spunk of the prolific British writer and intellectual Dorothy Sayers (1883-1957).  Years back a friend gave me Sayers’ A Man Born To be King.   These are plays about the birth and life of Jesus. 

In the heart of her writing, Sayers always stressed four ideas.  They always cause me to be reflective: 

1.  Time is irrevocable and we must do everything we can to redeem human activity.  The future is here now.  The past is irretrievably gone.  What has gone cannot be undone;  it can only be redeemed.

2.  Creativity is at the core of what it means to be human beings made in the image of the Triune God.

3.  The mechanistic, capitalist society in which we live has devalued work from God-given vocation to a mere means of sustenance.  Sayers believed that a mechanized society (and I’d wager she would include our information driven, computer society) has diminished the essential nature of human beings by imposing on them repetitive, numbing work (ex: I was surfing the net looking for something just yesterday and totally forget my doctor’s appointment — that’s numbing and embarrassing and made me feel like an idiot).

4.  The pervasiveness of the economic structure of society has degraded education by directing it to commercial ends.

"Dear Lord, Show us how to make time in our lives for true reflection; show us how to redeem the time we have each day; and show us how to make our work more creative than cursed.  Amen."

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