Greatness is not a business principle

Good_to_great When I started seeing pastors name Jim Collins’ Good to Great as a book that influenced their ministry, I discounted what they said.  After all, Collins’ book looks at how good companies become great.  How could business principles help the church?

Well, I read Good to Great over Christmas break, and I must confess:  "It’s really intriguing."

Collins is a good writer and a terrific reader.  As I drove to my parents house in Kansas, I listened to the book on CDs — 10 hours worth. 

One of the most interesting insights is that great leaders in companies — Level 5 Executives, according to Collins — are not normally flashy charismatic types.  Rather they are people who build enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.

If you’ve come across Good to Great and wondered about it, I’d recommend it.

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