How do Westerners view demon Possession?

EmilyroseThe "Exorcism of Emily Rose" is a court-room thriller where a young, female, single lawyer defends a priest on trial for negligent homicide in the death of Emily Rose, following a failed exorcism.  It’s not a horror movie.  I don’t like those.  But it is very intense.

I sat between my son and my good friend, a Nigerian who has been exposed to all kinds of spiritual ideas when he was growing up in Nigeria.  He’s now working as a physician in here in Champaign-Urbana. 

With a physician as one of the main witnesses during the movie, it was interesting to have my friend give me his take on the kind of medicine prescribed to Emily Rose, which finally she quit taking at the "suggestion" of the priest.

In the end, the viewer gets to decide what he personally feels about demon possession and exorcism.

Rated: PG-13

Worth seeing?:  Absolutely, although it is very intense!

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